[00639]James Horner《33:重生奇迹》The 33(Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

艺人: James Horner
语种: 其他
唱片公司: Water Tower Music
发行时间: 2015年11月06日
专辑类别: 原声带、影视音乐


01. James Horner – The Atacama Desert
02. James Horner – Empanadas for Darío
03. James Horner – To the Heart of The Mountain
04. James Horner – The Collapse
05. James Horner – Buried Alive
06. James Horner – Drilling, The Sweetest Sound!
07. James Horner – Prayer – Camp Hope
08. James Horner – The Drill Misses (and dreams fade…)
09. Cote De Pablo – Gracias A La Vida
10. James Horner – Aiming To Miss
11. James Horner – We are all well in the refuge, The 33
12. James Horner – Always Brothers
13. James Horner – Fénix
14. James Horner – First Ascent
15. James Horner – Celebrations
16. James Horner – Family is all we have
17. Los Bunkers – Al Final De Este Viaje En La Vida
18. James Horner – The 33
19. James Horner – Hope is Love

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